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Three Sisters

I never intended there to be three. The story evolved as the pieces came to be, three women of different ages, living in different times, yet somehow related.

First came the acquisition of lamp shades. Together they presented a young, somewhat sexy feminine form. I added the cloche and found the piece reminiscent of Rene Magritte’s work. Next came the green strapless dress. I imagined a middle age woman of wealth, getting dressed for an evening out. Of course there would be jewels; she wears a crystal chandelier instead. I then acquired this amazing lampshade that when turned upside down became an Elizabethan collar. This older woman would have been fully covered and confined by her clothing.

Drum Shells and Bands

A few years ago, I was fortunate to acquire a number of drum shells and bands made by Frank Saum (deceased 1994). Saum was a woodworker renowned for his work of drums for drum and bugle corps. At the estate sale for his business a few plus years ago, I had the opportunity to purchase all the drum shells and bands. Most were those that he made; some came with a working past. I had no idea what I was getting myself into; carloads worth. The shells are beautiful, elegantly simple, open for possibility. I wish I had more bands.

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