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A while back a friend called asking me if I would be interested in some of her dad’s old engineering tools; he had passed away forty-plus years ago. Nobody knew what to do with them and she thought I might. I jumped at the chance.


The tools were beautiful. Calipers, compasses, protractors, slide rules, in different sizes and shapes, made of polished steel, brass, and in one case, glass; all used for drafting and measuring. I made four pieces out of the tool collection. They were then placed in custom shadow boxes. Her children now celebrate their grandfather’s legacy, incorporated into pieces of art they enjoy.


After learning about those pieces, my sister-in-law asked me to do something to honor my mom who had recently passed away. She had been a talented seamstress, knitter, and crocheter and I had a trove of material to work with: knitting needles, crochet hooks, small rings used for stitch counting, and buttons, of all size and shapes.  I was able to make four pieces for family members.


The stories, conversations and memories surrounding these items is what makes this work so satisfying. It gives people an opportunity to stay connected to things that might be small or insignificant on some level, but rich on so many other. I welcome the opportunity to explore how I can help others connect to their legacy.

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